Who is compassionate, opinionated and a thinker.
Daughter of Tom and Becky and sister of Stephan,all who live in Maryland.
Who loves Chris because he makes her laugh; who loves her dog Jennie even though she is gone; and who is attempting to love her husband’s cats.
Who feels annoyed by consumerism; who feels lucky to have everything she needs; and who feels unsure about where this stage in her life is going.
Who needs to cook everyday; who needs a book in her purse each time she goes out; and who needs dark chocolate from Chris Elbow.
Who fears spiders becaue of three traumatic experiences in childhood and because they are gross; who fears she’s missing the point of her life; and who fears her husband will crowd the entire flat with his games and toys.
Who would like to see smaller portions in restaurants; better treatment of teachers; and every corner of the globe.
Who shares her thoughts even when no one has asked for them; who shares book titles; and who shares food off her plate with friends.
Who is a traveler, a reader, a writer.
Who is a new resident of San Francisco


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